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Ecologically sustainable community shared agriculture

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)

Sign up now for a weekly selection of organic produce, fresh from our farm! 

We are accepting summer 2017 shares orders NOW.  All we require is a $100 deposit, your name, phone number and address.  You can let us know right away which share size you would like, or wait and and discuss it with us if you need more information.  Mail share requests to:  Amaranth Springs Farm, 554090 Mono-Amaranth Tline, Amaranth ON L9W 0T1.

Join a CSA = Join a Farm!

Community Shared Agriculture has been around for over 20 years.  Members purchase a share of the harvest, and we plant, grow and harvest a broad variety of produce throughout the growing season.  Members share the bounty of fresh-picked produce for approximately 17 weeks (Mid-June through Thanksgiving weekend in October), and support local, sustainable agriculture.

Members share other aspects of the farm as well.  Members are always welcome to visit the farm and know where their food comes from.  In spring we have an orientation meeting and farm tour.  Your input helps us plan what and how much to grow for you. This is a great time to see the newest animals on our farm.  Summer brings weekly produce pick-up.  This is a wonderful way to come out to the country, take a walk, pick flowers, and socialize. We also offer volunteer opportunities for those interested in reducing the price of their produce share. Sign up today. Shares are limited!

Benefits of belonging to a CSA

Put simply, it's mostly about good food. Here are some examples of what that means:

What's in a Share?

Expect somewhere between 5 to 15 varieties of fresh produce weekly. You choose in advance the amount you would like (share size); however, the variety of produce in your share will change with the seasons. Early in the growing season, your share will consist of cold-season varieties such as asparagus, strawberries, spinach, baby salad greens, and green onions. As summer progresses, warm and hot season produce, such as tomatoes, new potatoes, sweet corn and squash will be added to your share. Our shares always include fresh, washed baby salad greens. We are committed to growing the best quality produce we can.

Share Sizes

We offer a variety of share sizes to match our members' needs:

Regular Share

Our regular share size is designed to provide weekly fresh produce to a family of 4, or 2 vegetable lovers.

Large Share

The large share is suitable for a larger, or vegetable-loving, family.

Small Share

Our small share is suitable for 2 people, or it can also be a great way for a family to experiment with belonging to a CSA.

If you have your own backyard garden, the small share size can provide you with novelties that you don't currently grow.

Salad-lover Share

We also offer a 'salad-lover' share that focuses on fresh greens and a small selection of fresh foods that are typically eaten raw. 

You can have more than one share!

The salad-lover (or any share) can be combined with any other to meet the needs of you and your family. Feel free to share a share with a friend! 

Share pick-up

We offer two weekly pick-up days here at the farm in Amaranth (just north of Orangeville): Tuesday evenings from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, and Saturdays from 10:00 am to noon.

What if I live farther away from the farm?

Please call us if you are interested.  Depending where you are located and how many families or friends are interested, we might be able to arrange to deliver your produce boxes.  It would help us if there were a host location for us to drop off the produce share boxes (a front porch or any shaded area is fine). 

What if I can't pick up my share?

If you are unavailable to pick up your share (you are on vacation, etc.), you may have a friend pick it up for you. All shares that are not picked up will become charitable donations.

Membership Commitment

Joining a CSA is making a commitment to eat and live more sustainably. By joining with a local farm, you are supporting the restoration of our local food production system. Our share pricing is based on our expected production costs. By pre-ordering your season of fresh produce, you are allowing us to organize and plan our farming season. This enables us to provide you with cost-effective, fresh organic produce.

What does it cost?

Typically, the food you receive will be less expensive than what you would pay for similar organic food at stores or the farmer's market.  A price list is shown on our Products page.

How do I sign up?

We are accepting summer 2017 shares orders now.  All we require is a $100 deposit, your name, phone number and address.  You can let us know right away which share size you would like, or wait and tell us at our spring members meeting. 

You can contact us to request a brochure and sign-up sheet, or you can download the PDF from here, and send it back to us by mail, along with your deposit.